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I know this is a little different that the traditional posts that I write for this blog, but is an interesting cloud-based technology and AlignCloud is engaged in help them scale their business, so it feels like a topical post.  I have spent a lot of time in the last two weeks working with the leadership team at El Toro.   El Toro provides an innovative patent-pending technology to help target consumers online (primarily B2C).  Simply put their technology matches a physical address to a user’s IP address and then allows them to target web-based ads at specific subsets of consumers.  Really cool stuff!

One of the early areas of success for this technology has been political campaigns.  With the 2012 election cycle generating over $6 billion in total expenditures, elections are big business.  Additionally the need to effectively target and rapidly deliver advertising is more acute in elections then possibly any other industry.  This is where El Toro can deliver a decisive edge for its clients.  Their technology is used to match campaigns off-line campaign data (donors, supporters, voters) to an IP Address allowing campaigns to deliver highly segmented messages to their target audience at a fraction of the cost of other competing technologies.

Web Lead Targeting

Better Targeting = Higher Conversions

Obviously the possibilities and potential uses for this product reach far beyond politics and with early customers like GE and Honda large corporations are very interested in this level of online ad targeting.  I recently helped the El Toro team put together a deck describing the capabilities for this system for political users.

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